sri villas

Letting Terms and Conditions

By paying the booking amount in full you agree to all the terms and conditions set out above and below you are entitled to occupy the specified villa or villas for the full period booked subject to the following:

1. You leave the property and its contents in the same state of repair as you found it on arrival. You agree not to make any changes or alterations to the property and its contents during the course of your stay. You also agree not to damage either the property or its contents or remove anything from the property that does not belong to you.

2. You do not use the property for anything other than a holiday villa. You may not use the property for commercial purposes or to hold any event without prior agreement from Sri Villas.

3. You may not sub-let the property at any time or allow any other person to stay at the villas without prior agreement from Sri Villas.

4. You may only stay in and use the facilities found within the villa you have rented. You may not at any time enter any other villas than the one(s) you have booked and paid for.

5. You agree to report any damaged or soiled items belonging to Sri Villas to the staff at Sri Villas and, if deemed necessary, to pay for the washing or repair of these item(s) during your stay (except for reasonable wear and tear).

6. To allow Sri Villas owners or their representatives to enter the property during the course of your stay given reasonable notice to assess or carry out repairs as may be necessary.

7. Under no circumstances to sub-let the property or allow any other third parties (not already named by you at the time of booking) to remain overnight at the property. Not to ask the staff to leave the property at any time other than carrying out their duties such as shopping on your behalf. Nor will you ask the staff for credit of any kind during your stay. Any items you wish the staff to purchase must be paid for in cash before receipt. Otherwise there will always be a staff presence at the property.